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500 yen for a
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You have to pay the basic fee for the app separately.

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Tap here to download the app

サービスの特長 What is Online Nihongo?

This is an online system where students can improve their Japanese level at home with a combination of one-to-one online conversation classes and self-study using our original content.
Use your in-between time effectively, selecting study courses from various modes such as Story Mode and Self-study Mode.


One-on-One Lessons (Online)

Japanese language volunteers over a wide range of ages are in charge of 40-minute classes. You can practice “speaking” and “listening” with them. You can also select which volunteer member you’d like to study with as well as the topics you are interested in talking about.

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Story Mode

This study content allows you to study Japanese while reading a story. Learn useful Japanese expressions with Emma, a student from Italy, in various daily Japanese living scenes.

Story Mode image


Self-study Mode

Useful contents for your self-study, such as vocabulary lists, grammatical explanations, and practice exercises. There are other modes for studying expressions of “time” and “date”.

Self-study Mode image

There are classes for groups and companies/offices with several beginning level Japanese speakers.
Please ask us for details.


You can see the procedure from downloading the app to taking online lessons, in order.

STEP1 Downloading the app image
the app

Select [Kurashi Study]
at the top of the page and download the program.

STEP2 New membership registration image
New membership registration

After completing the tentative registration, input the required information including names and e-mail address to register yourself as a member.

STEP3 Payment and point purchasing image
Payment and
point purchasing

Please put payment for the app
fee and purchase points for online lessons.
(available with a credit card or PayPay)

STEP4 Select the available hours image
Select a lesson
from the calendar

Click [Talk] → [Reserve]
to open the calendar. Click the date you want to take your lesson and select the available hours.

STEP5 enter the class image
On the day of lesson,
enter the class from the app

Click [Talk] → [Lesson] and select the lesson of the day to enter the class.

料金について PAYMENT

Please pay the fee for the app after you download it and register your membership. For online lessons, please purchase the points available on the application. You can use these points to take lessons.

App Usage Fee



*Including the fee for 1 lesson (Limited time offer promotion)

Online Lessons



*1 point=10 yen


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Article 1 (Application)

  • 1. These Terms apply to the entire relationship between the Foundation and Users regarding the usage of this service.
  • 2. The Foundation may establish rules and provisions other than these Terms (hereafter “Individual Rule”) regarding the Service. Individual Rules compose part of the Terms regardless of the name.
  • 3. When rules in the Terms contradict the above Individual Rule, the latter takes priority unless otherwise provided for in the rule.

Article 2 (Registration of Usage)

  • 4. Registration for the Service is completed after the person wanting to register agrees with these Terms and registers in the manner set up by Foundation.
  • 5. The Foundation may not approve the registration for any one of the following reasons. The Foundation bears no obligation to disclose the reason for disapproval.
    • The application for the registration of usage contains false information.
    • The applicant has violated Terms before.
    • The Foundation has determined the application is not valid for other reasons.

Article 3 (Management of User ID and Password)

  • 6. It is the responsibility of the Users of the Service to properly manage their User ID and Passwords.
  • 7. Under no circumstances may Users transfer, lease, or share their User ID and Password with any third party. When a user of the service login with the User ID and matching Password, the Foundation considers the person registered under that User ID to be using the service.
  • 8. The Foundation bears no liability when any damage caused by the usage of a User ID or Password by a third party arise, except in a case when the Foundation has an intentional and/or serious fault.

Article 4 (Fee and Payment Method)

  • 9. Users of the Service pay the fee in exchange for the service provided, which is separately set by the Foundation and is shown on the website, in a way designated by the Foundation.
  • 10. When a User of the service delays payment for usage, the user will be removed from the registration list.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)

  • 11. Users cannot conduct the following acts when they use the Service.
    • Violation of laws and public policy.
    • Acts related to criminal violations.
    • Acts that infringe upon the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights included in the Service.
    • An act that destroys or interrupts the servers or network function of the Foundation, other users, or other third parties.
    • Acts of commercially using information obtained by the Service.
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    • Acts of using the Service for unjust purposes.
    • Acts that cause disadvantages, damage and/or discomfort to other users of the Service or other third parties.
    • Acts of impersonating other users.
    • Acts of advertising, invitations, or sales on the Service which the Foundation has not grant the right to do so.
    • Acts with the purpose of meeting unknown members of the opposite sex.
    • Acts of profit-sharing directly or indirectly with antisocial organizations in matters related to the Foundation’s services.
    • Other acts that the Foundation deems inappropriate.

Article 6 (Discontinuance of Service Provision)

  • 12. The Foundation can halt or discontinue all or part of Service when it determines that any of the following conditions exist, without informing Users ahead of time.
    • When conducting maintenance or updating a computer system involved in Service.
    • When provisions of Service becomes difficult due to unforeseen forces, including earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, and electric power outages.
    • When a computer or communications line comes stops due to an accident.
    • When the Foundation determines it to be too difficult to provide Service under the conditions other than the above.
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Article 7 (Restriction of Usage and Deregistration)

  • 14. The Foundation can restrict all or part of Service to Users without notifying them ahead of time if any of the following conditions exist and deregister such Users from Service.
    • When Users commit a breach of any of the Terms.
    • When it becomes apparent that registered matters include false information.
    • When payment obligations are not met.
    • When Users do not respond to correspondence from the Foundation for a certain period.
    • When there is no usage of Service for a certain period since the last time a User logged in.
    • When the Foundation determines the User inappropriately uses the Service for reasons other than above.
  • 15. The Foundation assumes no responsibility to any disadvantages or damage Users receive due to an act the Foundation conducts based on this Article.

Article 8 (Withdrawal from Membership)

  • 16. Users can withdraw from the membership of Service after following the procedures set up by the Foundation.

Article 9 (Disclaimer of Warranties and Disclaimers)

  • 17. The Foundation does not guarantee non-existence of effective or legal fault (including safety, reliability, accuracy, competence, effectiveness, conformability to certain purposes, defects related to security, errors and bugs, and injuries) to the Service either explicitly or implicitly.
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Article 10 (Change of Service content)

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Article 11 (Changes in the Rules on Use)

  • 22. The Foundation can change the Terms any time without notifying Users when it determines such a change is necessary. When Users start using this service after such a Terms change, they are deemed to have consented to the Terms change.

Article 12 (Handling of Personal Information)

  • 23. The Foundation will properly handle personal information obtained from usage of Service complying with its Privacy Policy.

Article 13 (Notification or communication)

  • 24. Notification or communication between Users and the Foundation is conducted in the manner specified by the Foundation. The Foundation notifies or communicates with the contacts Users have registered assuming the information is valid unless the Users make a notification of change based on the method separately prescribed by the Foundation. Such correspondence is deemed to have reached Users at the time it is sent out.

Article 14 (Prohibition of the transfer of rights and duties)

  • 25. Users cannot transfer or provide as collateral the contractual status or rights and duties based on the Terms to a third party without prior written consent by the Foundation.

Article 15 (Governing law/judicial district)

  • 26. These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Japan.
  • 27. In the event of a dispute with respect to the Service, a court having jurisdiction over the main address of the Foundation shall be subject to exclusive agreement jurisdiction.